Dr Joeanne Katsikaros

Veterinarian (BVSc (Hons) BSc.)

Joe founded The Grange Veterinary Clinic in 2000, turning an empty building into the caring, nurturing veterinary clinic it is today. Owning her own practice allows Joe to treat clients and their pets with empathy and respect, true to the principles that led her into the veterinary field in the first place.

Joe has been treating the pets of the Illawarra for 28 years. She graduated from Sydney University with both a Bachelor Of Science degree in Zoology and Microbiology, as well as her Bachelor Of Veterinary Science degree.  She has a keen interest in small animal medicine and surgery, and finds great satisfaction helping treat injured wildlife and seabirds. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering with NPWS helping in the monitoring of seabirds and the rehabilitation of Big Island off Wollongong.

Joe believes we should all leave the Earth a better place for us having been in it and is very deeply committed to animal welfare and conservation. She is a member of a number of organisations including VALE, WSPA, Animals Australia, AMRRIC and Dian Fossey International.  Joe also sponsors three great kids through Childfund; Agnes in Kenya, Vin Meng Hor in Cambodia, and Degefa in Ethiopia. 

Joe is finally getting to work ticking things off her bucket list and 2017 saw her fulfilling her childhood dream of travelling to Africa and volunteering with a conservation foundation, Wildlife ACT, as well as playing with the wildlife in Botswana, and hanging out with the Gorillas and Chimpanzees in Uganda. Joe also spent six wonderful weeks sailing to Antarctica on a yacht, following wildlife wherever it led. She has also had enormous fun travelling across Madagascar in search of Indri Indri, Lemurs and any other amazing creature that crossed her path:)

Joe's family includes Claude, her Cockatoo and Charley, her Galah, Snakey, her Childrens Python and her two cats, Elvis and Archie.

In her spare time Joe loves sailing, photography, bush walking, camping, gardening, reading and generally being anywhere outdoors.

Sebrena Webster

Head Nurse (Cert 4 Veterinary Nursing)

Sebrena is our wonderful Head Nurse and has been with us for over 17 years. Her great love for all animals and enormous heart and empathy is evident to all who meet her. She is definitely the nurse you want beside you in a sticky situation; no catankerous cat ever gets the best of her!

Sebrena lives with her husband, Phil, and her baby girl, Abigail. Sebrena also shares her home with her fluffy side kick, Willow, whose  multiple personalities ensure Sebrena's cat handing skills are always up to scratch! While Sunny, her Dalmation, ensures she never has a dull moment at home. 

In her spare time, Sebrena has a keen interest in Health and Fitness, is a member of a champion Softball team, enjoys music and generally getting out in the fresh air.

Kay Burke

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Karen Kingsley

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Karen has been with us since 2017, when she fulfilled her Vet Nurse training requirements with us as a student. She is now employed part-time and her bright, friendly nature and enthusiasm make her a pleasure to have on our team. 

Karen lives with her husband, Brett, and cat Ronald and her three dogs, Zoe, Billy and new addition Kwaffle, as well as her two budgies Spud and Cheech. 

Karen's hobbies include spending time with her pets, long walks, and collecting anything and everything to do with Giraffes. She dreams on day of finally seeing them in the wild. 




Michael is the first friendly face that clients see when they enter the clinic. Always ready with a joke and a beaming grin, Michael, who joined us in 2020, has rapidly accumulated a legion of fans.

Michael brings with him a wealth of customer experience from over 40 years employment in the sales and retail sector in groceries, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals. 

Michael shares his home with his cheeky little cat, Leo and is obsessed with Labradors. He dreams of winning Lotto one day and owning several of them!

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